So please don’t call me one.

This post may be a bit more of a rant than usual so be warned.

I’m an amateur.

I don’t spend every waking hour of my day doing photography and it’s surely not my primary income. I don’t advertise as a professional, I advertise as someone that’s easygoing. My market with Rensuchan Photography is a pretty specific demographic which is why I’m going to make some changes in the near future (nothing will change with Rensuchan Photography but something will be born from it). At absolute best I should be called an advanced amateur, but I think intermediate is more appropriate.

I have zero intentions of becoming huge.

I don’t really want “advice” about what I should do with my photography business because I don’t want this to be a full time thing and I don’t want the stress and pressure of taking on assignments that I don’t really want… so people really need to leave me alone about it… at least that’s what I want to say. The problem is it’s a family member that keeps pushing this on me so I can’t exactly reply like that.

On the other hand, if you’re an experienced photographer and want to give me advice on how to become a better actual photographer, I’m all ears.


To be honest, I’d be happy to bring in about $5000 a year from my photography. That number would be enough to supplement and help pay for the photography equipment itself and fund my other hobbies so my day job income can go more towards saving / retirement funds.  I’m not there yet… honestly not even close to there yet, but that’s where I’d want to be in a 4-5 years. I don’t ever intend on expanding beyond that.

Business isn’t fun and games – a short rant about pricing.

There are people out there that say I should charge more (family, and a few friends) and people that are already unwilling to already pay my costs for decent quality photography. I’m not going to satisfy everyone, obviously, and admittedly, if anything, I’m probably not charging enough even after my recent increase. Even so, my rates are such that I’m getting more money for my time than people that slave away at stressful retail and food service jobs. The only real rule I follow with my shoots is “don’t work for free.” In certain situations I might accept a shoot for a nice meal out if it’s a subject I’m particularly interested in working with. But then again, I’m not a professional and my rates reflect that. When I get to the experience level where I’m comfortable calling myself fully advanced, my rates will reflect that too.

I’m really not being modest.

There are people that believe my photography is great. I appreciate that people enjoy my photography, I really do, but it’s not great / amazing / any sort of masterpiece. Do I think my photography is crappy? No, it’s not crap. A few years ago it was, but if you want to see me talk about crap then wait for my next post which is coming soon.

Is my photography well exposed? Yes.

Lit well? Usually.

Amazing? No.

Occasionally I get a shot that I think is pretty damn good, but until I can produce those shots with a high level of consistency, please don’t call me a professional and don’t suggest that I should charge like one.


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