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Hello to all potential clients! We are rather laid back people here, but we have to protect ourselves too. Neither side wants this to be a stressful experience so this page is just a few rules and expectations so everyone can be clear on what to expect with our shoots

What you can expect from us!

  • Communication. If there is any change in when we’re scheduled to meet up, we will contact the given contact number as soon as possible. If we are going to fail to meet our promises for image turnaround, we will let you know as well.
  • Quality. You can ask pretty much anyone, I’m known to delete a photo just for the eyes being slightly out of focus. I strive to deliver great technical image quality at all times. Combine that with artistry and let’s create some awesome images!
  • Patience. Things happen and if you need to reschedule or change anything, we wont be offended. Just try to let us know ahead of time!
  • Fun. Why do this if both parties aren’t having fun?


What we expect from you!

  • Communication. If you are going to be late to a shoot, please contact us! Don’t leave us to chase you. If you need to cancel, please let us know 24 hours before the shoot so that we may schedule someone else that may have been waiting!
  • Ideas. Let’s face it, there are so many shows out there. While we do our best to research any character that we know we’ll be shooting, it’s very difficult to cover all bases. There are some photographers that want to control every aspect of the shoot, but if you have any ideas / poses / reference pictures we would love to see it!
  • Patience. Going along with expecting it from us, we would expect the same in return. Please note that we do not do this full time. The main photographer has a day job which is primary income for both living expenses and this endeavor at the moment. That being said, every day stresses from working may not leave him in the best state for photo editing every single day. We have expectations set for when to expect photos back below so as long as you are fine with those, we wont have any conflicts!
  • Fun. Same as above, if it’s not fun then it’s not worth it!


A quick note about any unpaid photography…

I’ll keep this point short and sweet… I mainly do this for fun and a a little bit of cash on the side. To put it bluntly, if you are going to throw a fit and become rude over unpaid photos then please seek another photography service. This was never meant to be a source of stress and I really hate to add a point like this, but based on events that have happened in the last few years I need to put it out there.



Here are some answers to common questions. Please make sure you understand these before agreeing to a shoot!


When do I need to pay?

  • First time paid clients will need to submit a non-refundable $10 deposit through Paypal to hold their slot once selected. The deposit does go towards your total shooting cost. This deposit is not required for repeat clients.
  • Any remaining balance is due before shooting begins unless otherwise arranged. For first time clients, exceptions will not be made.


When will I get my photos?


Standard Package

  1. Final Edits: Up to 90 days after the end of the convention (or 90 days after payment is received if arrangements have been made).

With Proof Selection Add On…

  1. Proofs: Within 14 days of the end of the convention (or 14 days after payment is received if arrangements have been made).
  2. Final Edits: Up to 90 days after receiving proof selection from you.

I Shoot You Edit

  1. JPG Images (Download): 1-2 weeks after the end of the convention.
  2. RAW Images: Due to large size, if you need RAWs then there will be a $15 surcharge which goes towards putting them on physical media (DVD) and shipping.

Free / Trade

  1. Free shoots have no guarantee on turnaround or posting time. It could be as little as a few weeks, but it could be a lot longer. This is really at the photographers discretion on which images meet quality requirements for further editing and paid shoots will take precedence.
  2. Scheduled shoots for trade of goods / services will be treated like paid shoots and have a 90 day turnaround. Shoots for trade for advertisement or adding to our portfolio fall under the criteria of point #1.


90 days is too long…

I wont deny that 3 months can be a while to wait for something, but I’m not a speed editor and I never will be. That being said, most of the time it will not take the full 90 days unless there are a large number of events going on in life outside of photography. I’d say that for every shoot I take at a convention, add a week to the minimum time you should expect to wait… so conventions with 5-6 shoots, it would probably be around 35-45 days before expecting edits to show up. At a smaller con with only 2 shoots, you can probably expect edits to start showing up within 15 days. If this doesn’t meet your needs then I wont be offended if you choose another photographer with a faster turnaround time at all. If your needs are being met, you’ll be happier in the long run by doing so!


Can I ask for updates?

Feel free to occasionally poke on Facebook or email for an update on your photo edits! I really don’t mind the occasional poke and reminder, but please do not make it excessive. If you normally don’t talk to me but then suddenly message me every day… I know what you want. If it becomes bothersome then it will greatly reduce the chances of acceptance for future shoots.

Also, my day job is customer service and I have dealt with rude, angry, swearing customers for several years now. Let me just put a note out there that being courteous with your requests makes people a lot more willing to go the extra mile… :]


If you don’t meet your guaranteed turnaround, what happens?

We can offer either additional edits, or a partial refund at that point. It will be the client’s choice.

What can I do with the photos once I get them?


Standard Package / Free / Trade

  1. I would ask that you do not post any proofs if you added the proofing service. They are not finished items so generally having them on the internet, accessible to everyone, isn’t ideal for me.
  2. The final images are fine to post and share on pages as long as the watermark remains on the image. Please link to this page or our Facebook page when providing credit!
  3. For a $5 fee, I can send an image that was chosen for edits without a watermark and a document granting printing rights.

I Shoot You Edit

  1. Rights to edit, share, and print images are part of this package.
  2. I request that if you do share and post these images, you credit Rensuchan Photography as the photographer but credit yourself as the editor.


My question isn’t here…

Please contact us with the below form and we’ll reply as soon as possible.

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