Photo Shoot Request Selection


Paid Shoots

On Location – Paid
At Convention – Paid

Free Shoots

I have a few requirements for free shoots:

  1. Free shoots are subject to the rules and expectations listed here.
  2. There will be no sign up for free shoots at conventions. Free shoots will be granted at conventions based on personal choice only. I follow a ton of cosplayers and I will personally contact those I’m interested in working with.
  3. Free shoots will only be granted to individuals and smaller groups (3 or less).
  4. There is no guarantee for acceptance for a free shoot. It’s mainly based on my personal preference and is based mostly on how impressed I am with the cosplayers work, skill, and aesthetic and my interest in the cosplay itself. That being said, there is a master list below of things I really would like to shoot. Things in this list will increase chances of acceptance but it is still not a guarantee.
  5. Free shoots are only done on weekends. The location needs to be within 30 miles of Farmington, MI.

Free Shoot Request Form


Things I Want To Shoot

I’m mostly interested in cute / pretty things when it comes to cosplay shoots. Here’s a list of things that may get you a small discount in paid shoots or increase chances of a free shoot being accepted.

  • Nanoha / Fate / Hayate from Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha. One of my favorite shows but cosplay from it is super rare.
  • Akazukin / Shirayuki / Ibara from Fairy Musketeer Akazukin. Like Nanoha, an older favorite but super rare to see cosplay.
  • Love Live School Idol Festival / Love Live Sunshine. Being that the groups are 9 members, the likelihood of big groups is high but I’m likely to work out a favorable deal. My personal favorite is Hanayo but I also like Kotori a lot. Solo outfits of those two characters will increase chance of me working with you for a free shoot more but I’m likely to try to work something out with most Love Livers.
  • Protagonists from Atelier games. Specifically the Arland, Dusk, and Mysterious series of games.
  • Final Fantasy VI characters. It’s my favorite FF.
  • CardCaptor Sakura.
  • Peach & Rosalina.
  • Disney Princesses.
  • Lolita / Other feminine J-fashion styles.
  • Other generally cute / pretty things like idols, magical girls, and princesses. Don’t be afraid to ask!