Guess I should start preparing…just kidding!

It’s not only the cosplayers that have to get ready for a convention!

As a photographer that does paid shoots, it’s important to be ready for the convention as well. While I may not have to spend weeks working on a costume, I do have to spend time preparing for the convention. Here’s an idea of my con preparation schedule.

Several months before a con…

For local conventions I can skip this one since I don’t stay in the hotel typically for cons I can drive to in an hour or less, but this would be the time where I make sure that I have a place to stay, and make sure I’m pre-registered so I will have no trouble getting my badge. If it’s a smaller con, I will typically begin advertising for photo shoots about two months before the convention to make sure I fill enough slots. If it’s larger, I typically advertise less because I have limited slots and typically can fill them just from posting on my Facebook page.

Three weeks before a con…

This is the beginning of the window in which I’ll generally close photo shoot signups. The next week will be spent going through my shoot requests and notifying those that I have selected. This is also when I’ll begin researching shoots and trying to come up with ideas for the shoot. Research can be anything from just looking at typical portraits on the internet, looking at images from a show, or actually watching some shows in order to get a feel for the characters I’ll be working with. It all depends on how accessible the show is or my own familiarity with it. Three weeks is also generally the window in which I’ll start getting any small equipment upgrades I think I’ll need in order to make the shoot easier and expand my options.

Two weeks before a con…

This is the latest in which I’ll close sign ups. For those that have not worked with me, this should give them ample time to submit their deposits to hold their slot. At this time when everyone is mailed, I’ll have a tentative shooting schedule made out so that I can make sure to have an idea of when I’ll be working and when I’ll be free. Research is still ongoing now that shoots have been finalized.

The week of the con…

Any adjustments that need to be made to the schedule are made and those that have failed to pay their deposit are notified. Research continues and any last minute things that need to be done are checked and done. Research still continues as needed.

The night before the con…

This is pretty much the camera preparation night. I check all of my gear, charge my massive amount of rechargeable batteries, and pack up the lenses I’ll need. I’ll make sure I have small extras like business cards and any accessories I need to take with me for shooting. I make sure that any images I want to bring up for examples during the shoot are accessible through my phone or laptop, then I’ll complete any research I still need to do. I’ll be sure my modifiers are ready and generally attempt to get a good night’s sleep so I can be awake and energetic in the morning (this doesn’t always happen unfortunately xD).

While it may not involve strenuous hours sitting in front of a sewing machine making finishing touches to the cosplay, it’s important that the people coming to capture your cosplay in it’s glory are also ready to do so. Hopefully this gives the readers a bit of an understanding as far as what goes into it!


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