Well the first news….

I bit the bullet and bought my first professional grade 2.8 zoom… 80-200mm AF-S.  It was expensive… but it was worth it for sure, the lens is ridiculously sharp even wide open.  I’ve never used anything so amazing before!

Combine that with my D600 and we have an amazing picture making tool set!  Remember, cameras are just tools and it’s up to the photographer (and model in portrait situations) to make the picture.

In any case, I got my first chance to try out the camera and lens combo today taking photos of my friend in her White Mage cosplay.

I feel like captioning the last image…. “Pissing off your White Mage is a good way to get your party killed.”  I think I will later xD.

It was a fun shoot 🙂  I still need to work on my technique though as a lot of shots ended up with some mild blur even with shutter speed set at 2x focal length.  I will need to get used to the weight of that 80-200 f/2.8 for sure, it’s a beast!

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