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Quality Gear Recommendations – Early 2016

February 20, 2016

Uh oh, a gear talk… It’s time! I haven’t written about the ‘G’ word in my blog… or even spewed crap in my blog in forever! I know you’ve missed me. Probably not actually. A fair warning that this post will contain some snark. Essentially what I want to do here though is give my […]

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My Convention Gear Part 1: Wandering Photographer Mode

September 30, 2014

Though I pack a lot of equipment for conventions… Who is crazy enough to bring absolutely everything with them at all times? Certainly not me! When I’m going to a scheduled, paid shoot then I will suck it up and carry everything I think I’ll need but say I just want to go wandering like […]

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Why do you have so many cameras?

September 23, 2014

It’s a question everyone asks… At the time of writing this article I own 7 different cameras (9 if you include the iPhone and iPad). One that doesn’t do photography regularly may ask why I have so many. Truthfully, I don’t need as many as I have but here’s what I have and why I […]

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