For Anime Conventions…

New Package and Pricing Table - Effective October 1, 2014

Package Name
Base Price
# of People
Fee Per Addtl. Subject
Max # of Proofs
# of Final Images
Final Image Format
Planning Session?
Standard $502$10n/a5JPGYes
The standard package! Typically these shoots last 30-60 minutes, and then qualifying images will be selected at the photographer's discretion. The selected images will be presented as proofs and the cosplayer(s) will select their favorite five images. Those five images will be edited and given to the client. Great for individuals and pairs!

There's a $10 charge per person if more than two people participate in the shoot.
Rensuchan Choice$402$10X3-5JPGYes
If you want to save a little bit of money and still receive some edited photos, you can let me choose the images that I like the most from our shoot and present those as edits. This will guarantee 3 to 5 nice photos and generally results in a quicker turnaround time!

This package does not include any proofs.

There's a $10 charge per person if more than two people participate in the shoot.
I shoot, You Edit! (ISYE)$35/30 minutes or $60/hrXXXXRAW (+$15) or JPGYes
Some cosplayers prefer to do their own edits... so if you want me to shoot your cosplay but you do the editing yourself, I'm happy to work with you. The base price is $35/30 minutes with 30 minutes minimum purchase.

Images can be sent RAW but there is a $15 surcharge for it due to large size and bandwidth usage.

The buyer will gain rights to use and edit all images taken with this package.

There are no charges for additional participants in the shoot.


For best results…

I definitely give my best for my clients. As such, all paid packages include consultation with the photographer. This is a planning session that takes place before photos are shot to discuss the character(s) and plan poses to make sure you are getting the photos you expect from our session. Doing such a session will make the shoot smoother and definitely increase the quality of the produced photos so please take advantage of this! If you don’t see any package that meets your needs please contact me and we’ll work something out!


Repeat clients will receive up to a $10 discount on all sessions.  This will be based on how many times we’ve worked together in the past and referrals.

These photos are so great, I can’t decide on just five…

If you’d like to purchase more photos in addition to what my packages provide, please see below!

Image Purchase Rates (these images will be watermarked and can be reproduced without edits in any non-commercial / non-profit manner)

- Untouched (no edits) small-size – $0.50 / image
- Untouched small-size bulk rate – $5.00 / 15 images
- Untouched full-size* – $2 / image
- Untouched full-size* bulk rate – $18 / 10 images
- Enhanced (edits to make the subject(s) stand out, color corrections) small-size – $2.00
- Enhanced full-size* – $5.00
- Retouched (everything in enhanced + blemish removal and other edits to enhance the look of the photo) full-size* ONLY – $10 
- Printing Rights (sending without watermark for printing purposes) – $5
* Full-Size images generally run from 10-36 Megapixels depending on what camera was used (D810 = 36 MP base, D600 = 24 MP base) and what crops are applied.
** Images will be sent in jpeg format **
** There are no bulk rates for image enhancements / retouching. **

For all Other Sessions

Base session price varies depending on travel distance. Please contact me with a description of the assignment for rates.

Payment at this time is only available through paypal if purchasing from a distance, sorry! My paypal email will be provided after discussion with clients.