Cosplay Photography Packages


New Package and Pricing Table - Effective December 1, 2015

Package NameBase Price# of PeopleFee Per Addtl. SubjectMax # of Proofs# of Final ImagesFinal Image FormatPlanning Session?
Standard $702$10n/a5JPGYes
The standard package! Typically these shoots last 30-60 minutes, and then 5 qualifying images will be selected at the photographer's discretion. Those five images will be edited and given to the client. Great for individuals and pairs!

There's a $10 charge per person if more than two people participate in the shoot.
I shoot, You Edit! (ISYE)$50/30 minutes or $90/hrXXXXRAW (+$15) or JPGYes
Some cosplayers prefer to do their own edits... so if you want me to shoot your cosplay but you do the editing yourself, I'm happy to work with you. The base price is $50/30 minutes with 30 minutes minimum purchase.

Images can be sent RAW but there is a $15 surcharge for it due to large size and bandwidth usage.

The buyer will gain rights to use and edit all images taken with this package.

There are no charges for additional participants in the shoot.


Additional Convention Services


Proof Selection – $10

This allows the client to pick from a set of proofs that passed the initial purge of photos (photos that have unfixable technical issues are removed) rather than leaving the selection process to the photographer.

Rush Editing – $20

This  will guarantee a 1 week turnaround for edited images from the time I return from the convention for the standard package, and from the time I receive your proof selections if the selection option is added. This option may not be available if I attend two conventions in close proximity to each other such as Anime Central and Anime North.

Prints – Varies

In April 2013 I acquired a Canon PRO-100 printer which enables me to provide my own prints up to 13×19 sized. If you would like large physical prints, please contact me with the form at the bottom of the page so we can put a package together!

Click here to put in a cosplay photography session request!


For best results…

I definitely give my best for my clients. As such, all paid packages include consultation with the photographer. This is a planning session that takes place before photos are shot to discuss the character(s) and plan poses to make sure you are getting the photos you expect from our session. Doing such a session will make the shoot smoother and definitely increase the quality of the produced photos so please take advantage of this! If you don’t see any package that meets your needs please contact me and we’ll work something out!


Repeat clients will receive up to a $10 discount on all sessions.  There is an automatic $5 and additional discounts will be based on how many times we’ve worked together in the past and referrals.

These photos are so great, I can’t decide on just five…

If you’d like to purchase more photos in addition to what my packages provide then please contact us directly and we will provide rates. Feel free to use the form at the bottom of the page to do so!


For all Other Sessions

Please contact me with a description of the assignment for rates.

Payment at this time is only available through paypal if purchasing from a distance, sorry! My paypal email will be provided after discussion with clients.

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