The Fauxtography Movement (Rant)

December 19, 2014

Everyone has a camera now…

** THIS IS A RANT WARNING! This post is me personally fussing about something and is unlikely to have any useful information. **

Thanks smartphones and point and shoots! Now anyone can be a “photographer!”

Recently I was informed of a site called You Are Not A Photographer. At first glance, it looks like it’s a site that just bashes on really bad photos… don’t get me wrong, it does do that, but it’s a good bit of fun. At the same time it makes you think a lot… there are people out there that take sub par, out of focus, blurry photos and post them selectively colored with no purpose at all. Some people are shelling out hundreds of dollars for hundreds of crappy looking images like this. A few posts ago I showed you that I can produce a nice looking portrait with my iPhone 6. That photo looks better than a whole CD full of crap images like what you see on that site.


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I Am Not a Professional

So please don’t call me one.

This post may be a bit more of a rant than usual so be warned.


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“You Must Have a Nice Camera”

November 26, 2014

Why yes, yes I do.

But that isn’t the full reason behind why my photos come out nice, and anyone that really does photography knows that. Yeah I know most of these analogies have been stated before but… do you really think “wow, this chef must use some nice pans,” when you eat out at a restaurant and the food is good? Does a baseball player hit homers because the bat is nice or make spectacular catches because the glove is awesome? Does your preacher deliver a powerful sermon because their bible is amazing? Does a painter make a masterpiece because the brushes are awesome? I think the point is clear; cameras are tools and it’s up to the photographer to user them effectively.


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