2014 wasn’t bad…

If you’re only looking at the photography standpoint. I wont get into the abyssal failure that was most of my life outside of the photographic world though…

In 2014, the positives outweighed the negatives for photography. Here’s the good list:

  • Learned lighting a lot better – increased confidence during shoots
  • Acquired a new camera body that has reliable autofocus – less chimping during shoots, quicker shoots, more thinking about light and less worry about focus.
  • Acquired a new powerful light – more versatility for shoots, better lighting options outdoors
  • Learned more Photoshop – decreased processing time due to better workflow, better end results
  • Acquired a printer – can offer prints to clients

And the bad list is really limited to a few client issues (and some physical fitness issues preventing me from being as energetic as I want to be) but when you’re trying to do business there are always going to be a few of those and I’ve accepted that. I’ve done my part in putting up a FAQ / Expectations page in order to try to mitigate problems now so hopefully 2015 will be problem free!


2015 Goals

Though 2015 was relatively good, I want 2015 to be even better. I have a camera, lens, and light system that allows a lot of creativity and freedom during shoots now. There is one main business side goal and a few photography related goals so here they are!



Since there’s only one business goal, I wont bother with a bullet list… the goal is to create a brand focused on more mainstream photography services such as family photos, senior pictures, child photos (age 7+ preferably), and small events. The main reason for this is to try to keep the cosplay / fantasy world separate from the people that seek things more mainstream. Part of this process will be portfolio building in which I may need some help from people I know to become my image subjects.

One thing I’m noticing from a business standpoint is that there’s definitely a split between people that want a few, high quality, edited photos and people that just want a large quantity of photos. I’m torn as to how to handle this with my mainstream brand because I don’t really want to be a photographer that provides the latter, but there is potential for profit there. I wont become an “All photos on a CD for $50” photographer ever, but I could reasonably see an offering of “The photos that turn out on a CD, mildly processed for $200 with full printing rights” being acceptable… well I’ll figure this out when I launch the brand I guess!

This goal is already in the works. I’m hoping to make it official by the end of spring.



I would say that my photography improved in 2014, but there’s never a point in which I’ll be 100% satisfied with it. It’s really an art form… I want to keep improving and every year I want my work to look better than the previous. From 2009 to 2014, that has largely been true but I think the biggest gains are still to come. Here’s a quick list of what I want to continue to improve:

  • Composition – I feel like I have a long way to go with this. Compared to some other photographers I follow, I feel like my composition is sometimes boring in comparison. There are things that work in general, but I want to break the rules more and do things that are unique.
  • Posing subjects – I still feel this is a weak area of mine though I’ve improved on it in 2014 as well. I’ve learned a lot of basics but it’s getting to a point, like with composition, where I want to break rules and make something more interesting.
  • Lighting – I will never stop learning about lighting. I feel I have gotten a lot more proficient with it in the last year, but there is still much to be done.
  • Storytelling – This is really the big area. I want to become more of a storytelling photographer and I want to come up with concepts and execute them. This is really the direction I want Rensuchan Photography to take… I want it to be seen as an artistic photography label where we take a character and really bring out who that character is and put them in a situation that they’d likely be in.
  • Post-Processing – Every year I shoot I start to realize more and more than post-processing is often where you bring your ideas and moods to life. A lot of great photos start out as just a well lit RAW exposure, which is important, but unless you have endless money on studio props, you either have to go out into the world to get the background you want or you have to process the photo to get the mood. Even if the background and setting is perfect, you still can benefit from processing to bring out even more feeling. I essentially want to become the storytelling photographer that uses Photoshop to enhance and bring out the feeling that I intend for the viewer to have.

Essentially, like everything, photography is a constant learning process and I’m not satisfied with where I am now. I wont lie… in 2020, I want to be shooting a lot less, but making more. I want to accomplish this by improving to the point that I produce professional level results and concepts. I’m not there yet and it’s going to take more practice and learning, but 2015 should be another year towards that long term goal.

Thanks for reading!


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