The following post is just my opinion and definitely up for discussion, but this is my take on it.

I personally do not like “all photos” type packages. I personally only offer the “I Shoot You Edit” package because some clients love that they get more photos in the end. To me though, I’d prefer to oversee the process from start to finish and produce work that I’d be happy about posting. Honestly, unless people are experienced photo editors then I’d prefer if they don’t even mention that I was the photographer when purchasing that package. If they do though, I’ll be requiring that they also mentioned that they were the editor. While it may be a bit picky on my end, not everyone has the same stylistic preferences and vision for an image so it’s important to me that representations of my work are consistent and the people that are interested in my services know what to expect.

I read a quote the other day which pretty much stated (not exact words) that the beginner has tried fewer times than the number of times a veteran has failed. This to me pretty much describes exactly how I feel about the packages that offer every single photo taken. Though my rate of “keeper” shots is way higher now than it was in 2012 when I first did a little $15 paid shoot, I personally don’t understand why photographers would push a package that also displays the shots that they are not pleased with. I will always push the packages in which I am editing photos and will always offer assistance with helping clients select if needed.

Other photographers out there, I’d like to hear your thoughts on this. Do you offer packages that give all of your images or do you prefer to edit yourself?


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