I’ve decided to scrap this idea and just go with the objective of taking as many pictures as I can of things that interest me in different areas. It’s more fulfilling anyway.

There is one thing that I am going to challenge myself to do though when I have my DSLR with me though… and that’s to just take more pictures of people in general. 90% of my photography is portraiture and being more comfortable around people makes perfect sense. I also have a bit of apprehension and shyness I need to get over when it comes to approaching certain subjects. Over the course of 2014 I want it to be my goal to overcome that apprehension and work towards getting comfortable photographing those subjects that I really would like to photograph anyway.

If I don’t try, I get no photograph.

If I’m told no when asking, I get no photograph.

If I’m told yes when asking, I get a photograph.

Basically the worst that could come out of asking is the same as if I don’t ask. The only time I’m guaranteed to get no photograph is if I don’t try so 2014 should be the year of asking subjects on the street if I can take their photo!


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