So it’s been 6 months almost… geez.

Between all of the conventions, then moving, then more conventions, and now a MMORPG… I haven’t really paid much attention to this blog as of late and I apologize for it.

As far as the actual site goes… I need to find a working image slider and get the “recent work” section back up as well as get some of my newer work uploaded to sites such as DA, Facebook, and here.

Youmacon is coming up.  I decided that I was going to reduce the number of shoots I take on this year in order to reduce post-processing time after the convention.  I’m also going to be a panelist in the panel called Convention and Cosplay Photography: Making the Best of Your Weekend at the Convention.  Hopefully some of the people that have worked with me in the past will come to the panel and support us!

As far as my photography lately… I’m finishing up a photo shoot from GoDaiko Con back in August now, then I’m going to try to pump out some photos from previous conventions.  I’ve been evaluating plugins lately and I’ve determined that I’m probably going to purchase the Google Nik Collection as it’s a robust set of tools that seems like it will expand my creative options without me fiddling too much with sliders.  I considered also Athentech Perfectly Clear but I found that it’s not exactly what I’m looking for and it’s one click fixing didn’t have the effect I wanted it to have on some of my photos with obvious tinting problems.  If I still have to fiddle with it after running the plugin then I find it hard to justify the price tag whereas I’m already loving Color Efex Pro 4 after a few hours of use of the 15 day trial.

So hopefully in the near future you will see me more active with posts and news.  I appreciate everyone’s support!

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